2 June 2013


Rally of Magnolia SS1 2011
2 videos (cockpit,and external cam)

For now it is still ground mesh test so don't mind buildings and other strange things;0
Models missing: Barrels,Trees,Spectators, time and money:)

This looks like minecraft for now but believe that there is some order in this chaos and it will show itself soon enough. 
+Tarmac physics done.
I used some random texture as a material for buildings for rx export purposes.
It will be all replaced with a proper texture once it is done.

Now we have two main ground mesh textures:
one 4096x4096 dds texture for tarmac and 
one for cobble and sidewalks.
We also have them in 2048x2048 for max fps.
Third will be for grass however can be smaller-it depends on how much grass do we need...

Going to sleep.Stay tuned for next update.Cheers

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