28 April 2014

Rally of Magnolia / Rajd Magnolii 2014 GRANDPOWER

Rally of Magnolia / Rajd Magnolii 2014 

SIM TRAXX was there. We made some 500+ photos and videos for texture purposes. 
Everything to feel the real!
The Vreal Way!

19 April 2014

17 April 2014

Energy never dies...Farewell DaD

We are all =e=nergy and energy is immortal. 
We come back with sad news
Our menthor and a great supporter of construction of Rally of Magnolia Virtual Street Stages 
has recently passed away.
We have said a farewell today to Witold Aleksander Głowacki, the architect responsible for architectural design of several well known buildings in Szczecin and in other places in Poland
 (e.g. building on Unisławy 13 Street in Szczecin, Poland) 
Witold (V-TOLD) shorter Witek (V-TEC) has supported us 
with scans of real geodetic-street maps of Szczecin, Wały Chrobrego 
and made many pictures of Rally of Magnolia 2013 that helped us in designing the virtual stages.

Dziękujemy Ci Witku (Thank You Witek)
Dziękuję Ci Tato (Thank You DaD)

DiaKoN and the whole Crew of SIM TRAXX / RBR TRAXX

26-27 April 2014 
Rally of Magnolia

6 April 2014

Rally of Magnolia Street Stages Driving Simulation/Richard Burns Raly export Track Test Screens

Closer to Beta than ever...
Works go slow because we put a lot of effort to make this track not only a game track but
 a virtual-real (vreal) copy of the real track in Szczecin, Poland.
More soon...

4 April 2014

Rally of Magnolia street Stages Update Green Progress

Rally of Magnolia street Stages Update 
Green Progress
Don't worry, them white pixel-halos around trees and bushes will be cleared soon:0