18 March 2013

No.No.Unfortunately It's not yet original format:) It is Rx main cobble texture test.
It was more of an office work this night:0 
Going to sleep,Luckily today's bank holiday.

16 March 2013

 This beauty comes specially from BaS.He has worked the whole night to get new realistic cobble done.Some minor fixes will be done,but we are finally near to see the final look of cobble.

No more words today.I posted this cause I just couldn't help myself to share it with you.Thumbs up and have a good weekend.

15 March 2013


 Some progress on the crossroads,however still learning and this is not the end:) We have used 2 textures 2048x2048 to texture the approach and the crossroads itself.On the left side you can see there is no sidewalk, it will be done using UV.Also on the right side of the screen there is empty space for model.

The approach will have more arrows and stripes,this is only the transition from cobble to tarmac texture.
You can also see the model of a small tower that will be used.and some flying sign:)which will be put of course where it belongs.

Cobble to tarmac transition (upclose) with white kerbs and part of sidewalk.

Different view of the same transition.

We are currently gathering all neccessary textures and finalising works on the track profile.Soon we will progress to next stage of track building which is more fun and gives more results to please the eye.

10 March 2013


More screens from road texturing and test of buildings.Everything that you can see on screens is subject to changes as this is stil alfa version of project.All the errors will be corrected once we hit beta version.Akademia Morska building on left side.

Texture on the road + sidewalks(right screen).
First layer of textures before UV editing.

On the screen are almost all building models that will be used.I would like to thank to all building creators for putting enormous amount of work in those models.

8 March 2013

Just a few more screens of textured road
 (this is only the first layer -->next will be UV texturing of holes, cracks and other stuff:)

5 March 2013


Rajd Magnolii OS1

Szczecin, Poland

Wały Chrobrego


Works are currently done in Blender.We are texturing the track and overally puzzling it together.Next we will take care of buildings.You can see a fraction of the progress on the screens.We hope when the track is released in original format (still few to several months to finish) it will satisfy many RBR drivers.

If anyone wants to contribute to this track,contact us and we will see how you can help us.

Cheers and happy rallying.

On screens you can see
renders from blender.

We will conduct road surface tests in Wallaby soon  thanks to Martinez.

We don't have access to Wallaby yet,however after succesful tests we are hoping to receive green light from Wally to use his RBR lifechanging software.