30 April 2013

Work on Magnolia is suspended until next month, however BaS still works on updating texture atlas so I can finish texturing ground mesh as soon as I will be ready after exams. I thought that in the meantime I will show you something else...
Here you have some pictures from this year's (28.04.2013) Rally of Magnolia Prologue stage. 
Cheers and dont stop believing.

26 April 2013

Don't expect too much this month and the next as I have my last exams in college.
The only thing I can promise is that some time this year we will release Rally of Magnolia:The Prologue. 
It will be released for free, however we are looking forward for any donations, if people want to see more quality tracks in the future.We are planning to release reversed version as well.
We would hope to release at least 4 versions of this track.Basic,extended,basic reverse,and extended reverse.Hope we get enough slots for original format and that we will finally receive access to Wallaby (for now Martinez promised he will take care of this track in Wallaby).I have finally registered on http://rbr.onlineracing.cz/tracks/dlist.php?id=12 and hoping to get any reply from anyone that cares about real tracks.Cheers and see you on track.

Special Thanks for Rally Guru  (http://rallyguru-tracks.blogspot.ie/) for constant support and blender mentoring.

Below you can see few screenshots of blender WIP to give you a better feeling how its going to look.

22 April 2013

Special Comments: Peyregrosse
It was a great day!Peyregrosse is out and I got what I expected!A masterpiece:)I tested it with 3D vision and it is spectacular! Only at beginning of the stage I get a small lag but after first kilometer it gets smooth. Even loading time after you export textures folder from .rbz file is Fine. So cheers and happy rallying!
Great thanks Miro and Vasek and whole crew. 

To all of you drivers out there, please donate http://rbrtrack.blogspot.sk/ for an enormous effort they made to keep us happy. 

Now the usual update to Rally of Magnolia: The Prologue

19 April 2013

I said I would stop for a month but I can't....:)
 Still not exactly what I wish for but it is still WIP:)
Until next update.Going to sleep.

16 April 2013

WIP (work in progresss:)

(meshing,and"dummy" textures)

10 April 2013


Just a few more screens of work in progress.We are still updating our texture atlas therefore some of the textures will be replaced and only serve now as a "dummy" textures.And of course the white polygons are not snow:)However maybe one day we will drive Magnolia Prologue during winter...:)

We are doing everything to make that track as realistic as possible.Its all maths in here.Heights and widths data was taken from the real geo-map of the terrain.Thanks to that we can be sure that our track is very close to a real one.And sorry google earth but your heights are useless and wrong in this case.

On the other hand 2d map from google earth was very useful to check if the track fits. And it does.
In most cases.Just a few minor corrections to the right cobble and it will be realistic.

Wait until you see it when it's done:0

 Something made that cobble to break and go up.Brake or swerve?It's your choice...

8 April 2013


On screens you can see the Poly build.At the moment we are connecting the track components,cleaning bad polygons, and forming kerbs.We are waiting for the full texture atlas to start texturing the track.
 Texturing work will commence in middle May as I have some college exams to do.

Cheers and be patient.We will release the track sometime later this year:)