16 June 2013

The Slane Castle Curse

Another Special Update The Slane Castle Curse

What a day.I was on a way to Slane Castle in Ireland for a Bon Jovi concert (don't judge me I was there just for my fiancee and I still think that artists shouldn't be doing PR and be the faces of politics like for example Bon Jovi that supports my old friend Obama with his "Because we can" tour.I would say because we CAN''T get off banksters of our backs.Anyway back to the road.I had my insurance in place. And just 10km from destination I went out of a curve and straight into a traffic jam caused by police checkpoint.Instead of hitting the cars infront of me I swerved to the left at speed around 60-70 and it was too fast for a 90 left :9 I almost got out from it,If almost this 90 left was really 90 left I would have made it.
Maybe I should brake but it went so fast that I had to choose either to bang somebody's back of the car or swerve left and  press full stop with ABS and risk head on collision with the road barrier.I chose the third option,don't brake for anything.And pushed the wheel hard to full left and tried to shorten the angle but unf I failed the stage.Why do they need those barriers here anyway.If there wasn't a barrier I would have made it onto the grass and with a little luck stop without causing much damage.Thanks to the police checkpoint and barrier my front right is no more.And the hood on the right looks like crisps.

I will finish the story tomorrow.I gotta get some sleep now.Tomorrow also I should get some pictures of my poor old car:( Didnt think about it at that moment.

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