19 June 2013

To be concluded: The Slane Castle Curse

This is what\s left from my time machine.
It will never drive again...
There is no point in fixing it,too expensive.Will have to move on to a next one.
Sorry Beamer I have failed you.

 Barrier looks better...
IMHO they should change the sign from 90 left to a half-hairpin or something...And surely do not make checkpoints 100m before any curves.
Now I don't think I will try to go legal against the police and sue them for endangering the traffic by stopping cars in middle of narrow busy road.Ah well If only I had more "euro vouchers" I would go against them just for the Craic (like the Irish say).
In reality I can only curse them and buy myself a new car after I have worked for it enough.
Anyway the main mission was to get my fiancee to the concert,and luckily I did. 
We crashed,we called the taxi and passed the checkpoint in a taxi (btw they didn't even know we crashed 100 m before them,we just left the car because we didn't have more time for delays).So after we got through the border to the "Mexico" we were safe and could proceed directly to our destination.Luckily nothing happened to us and we spend a nice evening...
Summary:We had a very rocky road to the concert.Almost like in a clip for Bon Jovi It's my Life,we went through many adventures but we got there on time.
That was the only thing that mattered.At least I have made one of my fiancee dreams come true. 
I was saved.At least until another dream...:)

Thanks for reading! Soon more updates on Magnolia. 

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