13 June 2013

Addendum About Edward Snowden
Some more info here:

Please read also  the previous section about Edward Snowden (http://rbrtraxx.blogspot.ie/2013/06/obama-yes-we-scan-edward-snowden.html).
It is one of the most interesting spy affairs of all times and it's real and happening on our very own eyes.It is important so people know about it...the most cunning trojan horse ever invented-the internet!

Now back to Magnolia! 
I have made alpha versions of some important objects/Textures of these objects will use alpha channel once we hit beta status later. We are now preparing to texture the main asphalt below.
Soon we will be showing you report from this task. 

Below you can see screens of objects mentioned above:
+tram stop
+yellow fences
+route info big street sign
+smaller street signs
+and green inflated start gate with super alpha version of cone.

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