26 July 2013


BaS is Back!
With awful lot of great pictures for textures.

Soon more about it.
Last 10 days I was very busy doing something else than track building unfortunately.

16 July 2013

12 July 2013


BaS is in Poland now and he is making new photos for textures.
In the meantime 
I keep practising modelling and:)I am also preparing some tutorials for track building,so more people can try making tracks using Blender.Soon first part of tutorial will be finished.

For now just few new screens from SSS2 production. 

10 July 2013

Richard Burns Rally New Track Tutorial

Rally of Magnolia SSS2 WIP

It will be my variation of Rally of Magnolia stage in this area.I will have to make changes so the track can be used in online plugins (all street stages have the same problem,limited anti-cheat software unfortunately). I will probably also make it a little longer than in reality.Most of Magnolia stages change every year anyway so why not make a better stage that is not constrained by traffic diversion and other organisational problems. 
Super Alpha Version:)There will be more roads in the future.For now I made something to start with.
I will also make this short track as my first track building tutorial.
In next tutorial update 
I will show you how using blender create a good street stage.

Building models for version super alpha and its visualisation were taken from Google Warehouse and are owned by their respective authors/owners. In the future we will make our own models with our own textures or perhaps if some models are good enough we might use them with a permission of their authors/owners.

The terrain was taken from Google Earth and is only for early presentation purposes.

2 Magnolia crash videos Below as a warning:)

7 July 2013

Regular Test

Just one more test.

Just before sleep i stumbled across this video (again:) It still amazes me.
It just feels so real you want to grab a wheel and press the brake;0
Good night and good morning.

3 July 2013

RBR United

Rally of Magnolia SS(S) 1 and reversed
This is the first stage on this map.Later we will expand to the right and left to make around 6km proper stage through the streets without barrels.The first stage that will be released will have around 1,8km.It will most likely be a  time before new year 2014.

So we can make RBR drivers happy again.

PS.We had to add concrete barriers on the road below in order to make the track driveable on online plugins.Without them people would be able to turn left instead of going to the barrels and the present anticheat software wouldn't understand that a driver needs to go around the barrel in order to properly do stage.
PS.2 X marks the barrel on the map:)
PS3.Green gate is start.Black gate is finish
If any plugin wishes to talk about the track,then feel free to contact us at 
RBRTRAXX@gmail.com or contact@e-puff.ie)  

We will be happy to hear from You.



Just another day on the construction site:)
 Advertising baloons
 View from the ship (toilets-containers visible near baloons)

1 July 2013


Battlecruiser has arrived...:)
 It's a restaurant on river.The white thing is the entrance.It will be textured later.
 Also Brygantine (Tall Ship) 
And some fences
ElectricTraction for tramways in place.
Plus alpha version of ships in port (alpha textures).