31 May 2013

Some more ground and road optimisation. 

Deleted many 2x2m quad polygons from sidewalks and non driveable roads and created 4x4m. 
By doing this I have saved more than 6 thousands triangle polygons.This should give me some space for more smaller objects like lanterns,bus stops,trees,bushes and so on.
The optimisation is still not over, I want to save another several thousands of polygons in the future by minimising buildings and roads that dont need so much structure detail.  

 Polygon shots below of the whole track area.

 Also added new texture for trees area (below)
Oh, and don't worry about the trees.They will be done later.What I show now is just for alpha presentation.
The ground mesh (grass+roads+stairs+walls) is now 60500 triangle polygons.
Buildings are around 70000 triangle polygons.Although I will work on minimising around 10-20 thousands.
Soon we will make some rx fps tests and check what we have got so far.
But truly we will see how it works when all other models are in place.(again lanterns,etc.) 

27 May 2013

It will take another hundreds of hours to get it done...
But when it is finally finished...
We will have a map for several good stages. I will write more on that later.Now going to sleep.

26 May 2013

New river texture in game.Also Finally textured kerbs on the left side.Now we will take care of the grass texture because untill now we used generic grass.

I used ENB filter from half life for making screens.For me the sun lighting looks more real and the colors are great too.

Some alpha version comparison
Blender and google earth screens

21 May 2013

Some update, added few more buildings and a narrow road.

KUBICA in Richard Burns Rally
Sorry it's in Polish but you get the idea.Video below:
If only Robert wanted to help us make RBR even better:):):)

Robert If You ever read us, Greetings from Polish fans.
Pozdrowienia od Polaków z  całego świata.

19 May 2013


FUTURE STAGES WIP (Work in Progress)

Soon You will be able to add names of stages you would like to see most in Richard Burns Rally 
and also vote for stages other people want.
Helpful you may find this page http://www.rally-maps.com/map 
I think by doing this little research we can find which real tracks are most wanted by drivers
 so we can have a go on them.
Perhaps other track builders would be also interested in such information.

Please leave comments on what You think about it.

Some optimisation.
New river plain and texture (now there is only 2 Tris/triangle polygons instead of  2554 for river.)  
Added also 2 more planes (2 Tris each) near fountain to the left and a small park to the right.

18 May 2013

This lantern was made by RallyGuru.A great gift from our Lithuanian friend.
If anyone wants to contribute to this track,we will be happy to hear from you. 
Every new object brings us closer to finishing this stage:)


16 May 2013

Something else than Magnolia:) Nice video.I am not  100% Loeb Fan,I just admire his skillzzzz.

Video can be seen here:
Imagine all those tracks in RBR.That would be heaven for rally simracers:)

 I hope we can get a steady increase of original realistic tracks in the future.

Richard Burns Rally already has the best and the most challenging tracks ever created.

will keep the pace as long as it is possible and make real tracks to the best of our possibilities.
That we promise You Driver!

Keep the wheels rolling and dont stop supporting what you love!

PS. Soon there will be more progress on Rally of Magnolia.
Export tests went fine,and we are ready to proceed further.
Keep yours eyes open for more.


15 May 2013


Finally managed to import all buildings.Happy days.New video is available to watch here:
Wait for more updates in the future. Soon I will start finishing road texturing:0
Thumbs up and hope for the best:)

12 May 2013

Another update closer to reality.And a newer video of track you can see here:
Plus 2 more screens:
Satellite feed...
And It's gonna get narrow too...