Do not be deceived by the CD-ROM label,RBR with its more than 100 realistic tracks and mods can take
even 20GB of your HDD:)All downloadable,only install original and start adding mods.More on it soon on
We are a Blender RBR* 3D track building and modelling not-for-profit community.Our goal is to constantly improve RBR. People who support us are the same who give you very good tracks, cars,and essential mods for improving RBR evolution and therefore our realism experience.Anytime there is a need from community to improve or add some mod to RBR there must be a team to take care of it so it is no longer a problem and we can progress with sharing our passion to rallying and simulation to other people who might actually be interested but never had a chance to hear about it.

At the moment we are working on our "flagship" track Rally of Magnolia SSS1 which is slowly nearing to beta tests.
Our next effort will be to:
join our forces with RallyGuru in order to succeed in modifying and implementing to original format of RBR a great Carvalho De Rei Rally Of Portugal gravel super special stage. 

Good Luck To All

RBR TRAXX@gmail.com 

*RBR/Richard Burns Rally/The Only Rally Simulation on open source

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