26 June 2013

Added new transparent objects 

 +Added transparent trees

Some objects may be too high,too low or a little out of place.
Screens are from in-game TRANSPARENCY TEST that is why I didn't care about all small details when exporting  It will be fixed before the final release:)

23 June 2013

Added 2 alpha versions of twin restaurants.And some new fence.
All textures will be done a little later.

22 June 2013

New portion of screens.Added tramway,some arrows, parking spaces for handicapped drivers.
Still moving forward.

21 June 2013

More Blender work

We added some new textures to the existing road texture atlas.Also added some more alpha version objects (trees,barriers,road signs).They will be transparent in the future.For objects they are just my versions of textures,later they will be forwarded to texturing department for proper texturing:).
 Soon there will be more.

19 June 2013

To be concluded: The Slane Castle Curse

This is what\s left from my time machine.
It will never drive again...
There is no point in fixing it,too expensive.Will have to move on to a next one.
Sorry Beamer I have failed you.

 Barrier looks better...
IMHO they should change the sign from 90 left to a half-hairpin or something...And surely do not make checkpoints 100m before any curves.
Now I don't think I will try to go legal against the police and sue them for endangering the traffic by stopping cars in middle of narrow busy road.Ah well If only I had more "euro vouchers" I would go against them just for the Craic (like the Irish say).
In reality I can only curse them and buy myself a new car after I have worked for it enough.
Anyway the main mission was to get my fiancee to the concert,and luckily I did. 
We crashed,we called the taxi and passed the checkpoint in a taxi (btw they didn't even know we crashed 100 m before them,we just left the car because we didn't have more time for delays).So after we got through the border to the "Mexico" we were safe and could proceed directly to our destination.Luckily nothing happened to us and we spend a nice evening...
Summary:We had a very rocky road to the concert.Almost like in a clip for Bon Jovi It's my Life,we went through many adventures but we got there on time.
That was the only thing that mattered.At least I have made one of my fiancee dreams come true. 
I was saved.At least until another dream...:)

Thanks for reading! Soon more updates on Magnolia. 

16 June 2013

The Slane Castle Curse

Another Special Update The Slane Castle Curse

What a day.I was on a way to Slane Castle in Ireland for a Bon Jovi concert (don't judge me I was there just for my fiancee and I still think that artists shouldn't be doing PR and be the faces of politics like for example Bon Jovi that supports my old friend Obama with his "Because we can" tour.I would say because we CAN''T get off banksters of our backs.Anyway back to the road.I had my insurance in place. And just 10km from destination I went out of a curve and straight into a traffic jam caused by police checkpoint.Instead of hitting the cars infront of me I swerved to the left at speed around 60-70 and it was too fast for a 90 left :9 I almost got out from it,If almost this 90 left was really 90 left I would have made it.
Maybe I should brake but it went so fast that I had to choose either to bang somebody's back of the car or swerve left and  press full stop with ABS and risk head on collision with the road barrier.I chose the third option,don't brake for anything.And pushed the wheel hard to full left and tried to shorten the angle but unf I failed the stage.Why do they need those barriers here anyway.If there wasn't a barrier I would have made it onto the grass and with a little luck stop without causing much damage.Thanks to the police checkpoint and barrier my front right is no more.And the hood on the right looks like crisps.

I will finish the story tomorrow.I gotta get some sleep now.Tomorrow also I should get some pictures of my poor old car:( Didnt think about it at that moment.

14 June 2013

Good morning and good night.

First building is in the middle of proper texturing process.We used 4096x4096 texture atlas that should include at least 5-10 buildings.This is what we got so far.
And some bushes below (barely visible cause we used same texture as for grass -for the moment).
Actual ingame footage. More updates soon...

13 June 2013

More on the present state of the world:
Why Iceland didn't buy out private banks...!

Addendum About Edward Snowden
Some more info here:

Please read also  the previous section about Edward Snowden (http://rbrtraxx.blogspot.ie/2013/06/obama-yes-we-scan-edward-snowden.html).
It is one of the most interesting spy affairs of all times and it's real and happening on our very own eyes.It is important so people know about it...the most cunning trojan horse ever invented-the internet!

Now back to Magnolia! 
I have made alpha versions of some important objects/Textures of these objects will use alpha channel once we hit beta status later. We are now preparing to texture the main asphalt below.
Soon we will be showing you report from this task. 

Below you can see screens of objects mentioned above:
+tram stop
+yellow fences
+route info big street sign
+smaller street signs
+and green inflated start gate with super alpha version of cone.

Obama : Yes, we scan! Edward Snowden Special update

Edward Snowden Special Update
Today I would like to ask you for a short time to think  about a scandal in the world that was started by the former CIA  worker Edward Snowden.You don't need to do nothing or anything.
At least read it.
Thanks a Lot
Sections below are taken from www.guardian.co.uk

"Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations

The 29-year-old source behind the biggest intelligence leak in the NSA's history explains his motives, his uncertain future and why he never intended on hiding in the shadows
----------------------------------------------------The individual responsible for one of the most significant leaks in US political history is Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA and current employee of the defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. Snowden has been working at the National Security Agency for the last four years as an employee of various outside contractors, including Booz Allen and Dell..."
lub  po Polsku tutaj:
Obama : Yes, we scan!
Edward Snowden's Facebook Page is here: https://www.facebook.com/edwardsnowdenprism?fref=ts

12 June 2013

Just one screen today.We are slowly moving forward with the track.

11 June 2013

Update 32

Some texture update: mostly roads and sidewalks.I must admit that I am pretty happy from what I see and must congratulate BaS for those textures.Thumbs up!

10 June 2013

Some small updates lately.However spent 12 hours on this track today optimising, fixing holes between some polygons and building the right side of track as seen on screen below.At the end of work I setup some decoy trees so I know where to put them later.

Report done, going to sleep. 

9 June 2013

Update 31: UpClose satellite feed + some perspective shots.

7 June 2013

update 30.

Tested subject:lanterns.For now it works well,I didn't recognise any frame drop.Will see when we add more objects soon.

We made it to update 30 already so we can have small holliday. No more words today.Good morning and good night.                                 

6 June 2013

Short update 

Still RX format road tests.

Still alot to do, but we keep pushing forward.

And the road goes on...

5 June 2013

Just another day...

It all comes together,but slowly.

Added alpha bushes (right screen)

 And BaS finally reinstalled the system and melted some tarmac and shot some zebras for us.

Now it should be easier.

Until next time