4 September 2013

This is PASSION Richard Burns Rally Simulation/RALLY OF MAGNOLIA UPDATE

1000+ hours for free is a side effect. 

Made with Real GeoMap
Soon more textures coming for buildings and roads. 

Unfortunately we cannot be working constantly because we need to do lots more hours in real Job  to pay off our slavery, only after that we can do more tracks for us and You.
So there is never enough time to work on the project. But don't worry, it will eventually be finished.
And the joy will be great. This track is Almost 2 years in production now
We just need to be patient.
 (BTW soon it will be 10 years for RBR, hey why not wait another 10 years for several more good tracks;)
Support the creators in this way you will  make more tracks for yourself and for everybody.

Soon more updates.Stay tuned!And always respect bad turns!


  1. do you have trial version we can try out?

  2. Beta Version will be available hopefully before end of this year 2013.
    Thank You for your interest.