25 September 2013

Richard Burns Rally Real Physics This is it?Comments WelcomeD

Richard Burns Rally 
Real Physics 
Is This is it?Comments WelcomeD
We would like people who actually know something about physics to comment.
Is this physics close to real rally cars?How to know which physics is actually more real?
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Can we expect the unification of physics for cars in the future so that we all know that we all drive the most real physics possbile?

I don't know but I believe that one day we will get all proper physics so we can all drive in one world rbr plugin and have a world RBR championship.

Comments below.Take a leap of faith and click the invisible links below.


  1. Please Comment.We want RBR community to take RBR progress in their own hands.There is no shame in commenting and giving opinions.Even trolling can have a meaning sometimes.So if you read it and you care about RBR progress don't just wait.Comment we want to hear people say what they need.I think that we all need to have some questions answered.But without asking questions there is no hope to get the answers.Best Regards

  2. You can comment in your own languages of course.Everyone can translate at least the main meaning of comment using the Translate Panel on the right side.

  3. First, thanks for sharing what you think about RBR, we really need people like you. Our dream its to see a global RBR Community, working together to make better and better simulator. I think we are in the middle of "the beginning" and "the future" of RBR. We are far for the first WALLABY, and who can know if will be another one, better of course.
    I have a dream, personally, of make a new "Wallaby", but its just a dream right now.
    You could see my intentions of make "something", RBRSOURCE.COM its mine, and its currently stopped, personal reasons, real work.
    Thanks again for a place like this, where we can share our opinions.


  4. I did try it today and it seems like, compared to the original RBR, it is rather hard for the car to reach it's top speed, and the presence of grip has been downed. Weirdly, it seems easier for me to handle the car around corners. I think the only way we can tell weather this system is a success or not is from the words of professional rally drivers, ones who have actually driven a Ford WRC or a Skoda S2000