2 June 2014

Rally of Magnolia Still to do

Magnolia Rally What's left to do:
Ground mesh:
Some corrections to ground mesh polygons to fix very small differences in few places between real and virtual track (so small than only discovered them after 2 years of work...;)
Also some more textures for roads to be done + update grass in some places
Closer buildings:
Only few buildings left to be textured 
Closer Panorama buildings:
some closer panorama buildings
Other objects: 
Flora: some more trees and bushes + edit some existing textures
Cars: fire brigade, police, ambulance, other drivers' cars on start and finish, spectator cars, buses 
Panorama:  more far panorama walls
Fences: some more fences plus ads
Signs: some more signs
Spectators: more spectators + edit some existing spectator textures

.....When the rest is done...presumably after beta tests
rFactor screens, soon more RBR screens and also Assetto Corsa

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