13 August 2013

No news From Rallyesim as yet.

In the mean time I publish e-mail I sent to Phil63 from Rallyesim.I have apologised for the CAPS LOCK and angry tone after the FREE HONDARRIBIA DONATE ACTION post comments has been locked without notifying which prevented RSRBR users to comment on this topic.Also I never called Rallyesim to be "hitlers", I only asked do they think they are "hitlers" by blocking other people from commenting,their own RSRBR people.I didnt like that one person at Rallyesim commented  and shared their opinion for all users and blocked possibilites of discussion.

Below the email:

Look,lets calm down a little.
I maybe sorry for some words I used.I am glad we started talking.
It maybe also a mistake that I posted this action before contacting you.

All plugins should just make donation action like RBR TRAXX for all tracks that are in Plugins or that are high quality and people want them on plugins.So in the future none of the creators will have to give for free.All tracks will be for free as they were.But the whole community-thousands of drivers would donate for example 50 cents per each track.Thats it.So every creator would do the track anyway but he would know that people care and that his costs are donated.Now it looks that the creator of track takes all the costs and the rest is happy.I cant afford it,I am poor,but I have motivation and skills to make very good tracks for all of You.I do not want to make exclusive tracks.

But let me explain to you that HIGH QUALITY track builders have also costs like buying a very good GPS,paying photographers,thousands of hours work.I agree we all start with learning and therefore most of the BTB tracks are ok for free,but most of the ORIGINAL FORMAT tracks are not made by schoolboys within a week time.It takes years sometimes to develop a HIGH QUALITY REALISTIC STAGE.By not allowing donations to creators (allowing yourselves at the same time for costs of servers) is something that results in shorter and less detailed tracks (of course there are exceptions like SEMETIN which you don't have -if I was owner of plugin I would do anything to unite players,and you have the biggest plugin whatsoever but your management is very poor).I don't understand why you want this totally for free.If thousands of players only dropped 20 cents it would make a big difference).I am not talking about profits,I dont want RBR for Profit I want it not for-Profit meaning after costs.

One example from my life.I have spent already thousands of hours learning to build 1 track.And you know what,I will not be able to work further because my girlfriend hates it that I dont have money and asks me to work all day in some shitty job.If I spend whole day or even more like 12 hours a day in some corporation I will not have time to build tracks-especially HIGH QUALITY TRACKS like our Rally of Magnolia Project.Do you get the point now.I dont want to profit on it.I just want to show my girlfriend that people at least appreciate what we are all doing and that they want more of good tracks.There is much less skilled people who do tracks for RBR because they can't work thousand s of hours for free.

Anyway there were already some DONATE ACTIONS for Vaclav Sourek who made the best tracks for rally ever made.Unfortunately your egos made that you will not have them.It is a great shame for the whole community.

Dont you want all drivers united and able to make huge International Rallys on all possible tracks?>?

Or do you want nationalism and caring only about your plugin?

Plugins must support creators as well.

Why not do it that drivers wiill donate Plugins and plugins will donate creators for the tracks they want?

It is only several cents per head for a track.Nobody asks thousands of EUros for one track.

It is only 1 thousand Euro for example for covering all costs.

HONDARRIBIA was made by the same author that brought us all the nice tracks like Peyregrosse,Mlynky,Peklo.

Do you not want to honour him.

Tracks without them RSRBR would be less fun??

I dont understand..

I am sorry for being angry earlier.

We have already received more than 100 people willing to donate sums like 50 cents or 1 or 2 euro just to be able to drive the track onlline.They want to donate small sums so that everyone can have fun?

All isaw for the last years was war of egos.Nothing good was out of it.Cant we at least try something else to see what happens?

Why cant you just make your plugin for donation?if only all drivers donated 1 Euro a month you could make RSRBR the best plugin in the World with huge amount of realistic tracks and best physics.We could make World Rallys,Trophies, lots of things.Without we are like kids in the fog.

My opinion only.

I am driving all plugins at the moment yes more than 6 of them just to be able to drive all possible tracks.

Best Regards

Konrad Glowacki


PS.We are not enemies.We want to work for the common good of all RBR users.
PS2.Please unban my account. I will not post more "propaganda" on the forum.
PS3.Maybe people should stop donating your servers if everything is for free?Is that how it is for free?
Nothing is for free..What about my thousands of hours bill for electricity?HuH?
PS4.All I want is people to decide whether or not they want to donate creators.Nobody forces them to anything.If I have costs why I cant get people to donate me for those costs?They can donate your servers but cant donate my electricity or other things.This is unfair.And RBR loses track creators because they lose hope that something will change.People pay hundreds of Euros for some shitty DLS's and cant pay several cents for a track that will give them fun for years.Think about it?
PS5.Last thing.Again I dont want to make any profits for track creators I want community to show that they care and donate at least for some costs.Or at least they will be able to buy themselves a proper PC to build better tracks.
Do you think that track creators or car creators or physics creators dont have right to receive some small present from the whole community?It boosts motivation I believe.And yes I think that people at Rallyesim should be donated as well because it is them and the creators that are sacrificing their life so other can have fun.Why not receive some very small motivation?Tell me.

Look I do not want to fight with you.I am sorry I was harsh,it is not usually who I am.
I just want a change for good for all people.


I am sure we can figure that out somehow.

And last words: We will unlock the HONDARRIBIA stage with your help or without.
We have made contact with all plugins and gathered alrady 1/4 required.

Even if you dont agree with us you must respect our decision, and I hope that once the stage is released for all plugins you will not block it.and that you will add it to the rest of the fine tracks.

After this action we will make another action to appreciate other creators with donations for at least a bottle of good wine for each creator to show them that we really care and how thankful we are for everything everyone did for RBR (depending on how many people will be interested of course).

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