3 July 2013

RBR United

Rally of Magnolia SS(S) 1 and reversed
This is the first stage on this map.Later we will expand to the right and left to make around 6km proper stage through the streets without barrels.The first stage that will be released will have around 1,8km.It will most likely be a  time before new year 2014.

So we can make RBR drivers happy again.

PS.We had to add concrete barriers on the road below in order to make the track driveable on online plugins.Without them people would be able to turn left instead of going to the barrels and the present anticheat software wouldn't understand that a driver needs to go around the barrel in order to properly do stage.
PS.2 X marks the barrel on the map:)
PS3.Green gate is start.Black gate is finish
If any plugin wishes to talk about the track,then feel free to contact us at 
RBRTRAXX@gmail.com or contact@e-puff.ie)  

We will be happy to hear from You.


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